About Adnan Jabri
In 1950, Adnan Jabri, a pastry aficionado, was looking to share his creations with the world. he founded what would become the La Brioche shop in Amman, espousing excellence and quality, which remain a tradition at La Brioche to this day.

To attract clients that would appreciate such refinement, he choose to open the first (Adnan Jabri) restaurant in Kuwait followed by (Jordan) restaurant and the famous ( La Brioche ) branch located in Amman-Jordan.

The La Brioche shop quickly became a tea salon, furnished in the Italian style of the time. This salon was adnan jabri’s chance to share his passion and establish himself as a legend, in both the unique taste and the beauty of his delicately-formed pastry and chocolates, filled with amazing confections made from secret recipes that only he knew.

Like any good host, Adnan jabri kept a list of every customer’s favorite pastry-chocolate in a guestbook And while the quality of the raw ingredients and the final confection products was adnan jabri! primary concern, his extreme refinement was also reflected in his products presentation, from pastry-chocolate boxes to window displays.

the chocolatier consultant Omar Jabri his son would be happy to share his experience with all customers ,a heritage of genuine confectionery passed down from an older generation to today without compromising our traditional quality and taste.

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Adnan Jabri with the prince hassan