Tempering – Moulding – Filling:

There are several different options when you want to temper chocolate, by hand or by using a machine. In this part of the lesson you will learn both ways, and see which one you prefer. You will learn how to make your chocolate nice and crispy, with that delicious looking shine specific for high quality chocolates. Now you are ready to mould. During this section, you will learn how to get the perfect thickness for your pralines, depending on the kind of filling you would like to use. While the moulds are cooling off, we will make a ganache or creme to get ready for the final step of the lesson: the filling. You will learn how to dose the right amount, and how to close your chocolate seamlessly

* Four recipes included

* Pdf sheet

* Course duration two days

* Certificate Included

* One on one

* breakfast * lunch included

* Covid-19 certificate is must when applying for the course .

* Contact Us For More Details And Appointments.

Course cost 500 JD


Chocolate Consultant

Omar Jabri